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Passionate about London's trees

Professional, friendly, efficient and on time. We are Arboricultural Association accredited contractors since 1988. We recently attained ISO 9001 business process certification, and ISO 14001 for our positive environmental practices.

Naturally our work is backed up with site specific Risk Assessments for every job and Method Statements where necessary.

All our surgeons are qualified NPTC, AFAG, CSCS FIRST AID, kept up to date by our industry body’s regular bulletins, training plans and CPD.

Our management system guarantees that we maintain timely contact with our clients (with their permission) to remind them of seasonal or maintenance deadlines.

Trees and the well being of the city

The evidence linking trees to improvements in our well being is overwhelming. Trees have been shown to ease surgical outcomes and recovery time, mental states and stress levels.

In London the number of trees nearly equals the number of people!

Trees are good for us: their shade cools ambient temperatures by up to 5°C.

The average UK home can save up to a tenth of its annual heating and cooling bills with the natural winter insulation and summer shade of trees.

Trees purify the air and cut down noise by as much as half.

Trees care for us and they in turn need care. They are a great deal more fragile than they appear. Most tree roots are within 60cm of the surface. Soil compaction by people and vehicles can blight a tree, as can work carried out by poorly trained people.

Duty of care

Every tree owner has a duty of care to check their trees regularly in and out of leaf. Trees can develop structural faults which may not be significant or even apparent to the untrained eye. Tree safety is a key part of our work. A plan and schedule can be maintained detailing condition and a prioritised action plan.

Is my tree too big ?

Introducing trees into a city means resolving the complex and often competing needs of trees, people and buildings. There are many cases where desirable work is required to maintain scale, to control shading and potential harm to buildings structures and underground services.




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